Emerson Knit

$60 AUD

Our latest range of buttery soft knitwear will keep you both warm and stylish all winter long. Say goodbye to boring knits and hello fashion! We designed our knitwear range for the fashion forward pup who isn't afraid to rock an uber chic outfit on their walks, in the dog park or lounging around at home. 

The Emerson Knit features a striking red complimented back with navy and white stripe detail creating a timeless outfit, finished off with a chic red stripe along the hemline. 


·  Designed in Melbourne, Australia
·  Harness keyhole for easy and comfortable walks
·  Keep your dog warm and cosy
·  Reduces dog hair around your home
·  Easy to wash and maintain


Red, Navy & White. 

100% Acrylic. 

Warm hand wash. Line dry.


Size Reference:  Chihuahua, Brussel Griffon, Small Terrier
Neck:  26cm | 10"  (fits up to)   
Chest:  30cm | 11½"  (fits up to) 
Back:  26cm | 10"

Roughly suits a 2.5kg dog. 

Eddie the Chihuahua wears an extra small.
Neck 21cm
Chest 32 cm
Length 30cm

Size Reference:  Cavoodle, Mini Dachshund, Italian Greyhound
Neck:  24cm | 11.5" 
Chest:  32cm | 13"
Back:  25cm | 13"

Roughly suits a 4kg dog. 

Lulu the Mini Dachshund wears a small.
Weight 3.5kg
Neck 25cm
Chest 38cm 
Length 38cm 

Size Reference:  Mini Dachshund, Boston Terrier, Pug, Italian Greyhound
Neck:  28cm | 14.5"
Chest:  36cm | 15.5"
Back:  30cm | 15"

Fiorella the Italian Greyhound wears a medium. 
Weight 7kg 
Neck 25.5cm 
Chest 49.5cm 
Length 35cm

Louis the Doodle wears a medium. 
Weight: 8kg
Neck: 33cm
Chest : 52cm
Length: 42cm

Size Reference:  Cocker Spaniel, French Bulldog, Labradoodle
Neck:  42cm | 16.5"
Chest:  45cm | 17.5"
Back:  44cm | 17"

Roughly suits a 10kg dog. 

Bruno the Italian Greyhound wears a large.
Neck 30cm
Chest 58cm
Back 48cm

Jazz the Cocker Spaniel wears a large. 
Weight: 10.5kg
Neck 32cm
Chest 53cm
Back 38cm


Extra Large
Size Reference:  Whippet
Neck:  45cm 
Chest:  54cm
Back:  40cm 

Roughly suits a 15kg dog. 

Walter the Whippet wears an XL.
Weight: 14.5kg
Neck: 37cm
Chest: 65cm
Back: 49cm

Extra Extra Large
Size Reference:  Golden Retriever
Neck:  50cm 
Chest:  60cm
Back:  44cm 

Roughly suits a 25kg dog.

Lily the Golden Retriever wears an XXL.
Weight: 30kg
Neck: 55cm
Chest: 88cm
Back: 65cm



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