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Size Reference:  Chihuahua, Brussel Griffon, Small Terrier
Neck:  26cm | 10"  (fits up to)   
Chest:  30cm | 11½"  (fits up to) 
Back:  26cm | 10"

Roughly suits a 2.5kg dog. 

Eddie the Chihuahua wears an extra small.
Neck 21cm
Chest 32 cm
Length 30cm

Size Reference:  Cavoodle, Mini Dachshund, Italian Greyhound
Neck:  24cm | 11.5" 
Chest:  32cm | 13"
Back:  25cm | 13"

Roughly suits a 4kg dog. 

Lulu the Mini Dachshund wears a small.
Weight 3.5kg
Neck 25cm
Chest 38cm 
Length 38cm 

Size Reference:  Mini Dachshund, Boston Terrier, Pug, Italian Greyhound
Neck:  28cm | 14.5"
Chest:  36cm | 15.5"
Back:  30cm | 15"

Fiorella the Italian Greyhound wears a medium. 
Weight 7kg 
Neck 25.5cm 
Chest 49.5cm 
Length 35cm

Louis the Doodle wears a medium. 
Weight: 8kg
Neck: 33cm
Chest : 52cm
Length: 42cm

Size Reference:  Cocker Spaniel, French Bulldog, Labradoodle
Neck:  42cm | 16.5"
Chest:  45cm | 17.5"
Back:  44cm | 17"

Roughly suits a 10kg dog. 

Nala the English Cocker Spaniel wears a large. 
Weight: 11kg 
Neck: 31cm
Chest: 60cm
Back: 43cm

Bruno the Italian Greyhound wears a large.
Neck 30cm
Chest 58cm
Back 48cm

Jazz the Cocker Spaniel wears a large. 
Weight: 10.5kg
Neck 32cm
Chest 53cm
Back 38cm


Extra Large
Size Reference:  Whippet
Neck:  45cm 
Chest:  54cm
Back:  40cm 

Roughly suits a 15kg dog. 

Walter the Whippet wears an XL.
Weight: 14.5kg
Neck: 37cm
Chest: 65cm
Back: 49cm

Extra Extra Large
Size Reference:  Golden Retriever
Neck:  50cm 
Chest:  60cm
Back:  44cm 

Roughly suits a 25kg dog.

Lily the Golden Retriever wears an XXL.
Weight: 30kg
Neck: 55cm
Chest: 88cm
Back: 65cm