Pale Blue Dog Harness

$45 AUD


- Adjustable Neck
- Breathable Mesh
- Superior Comfort
- Soft Padded Edges
- Designed in Melbourne, Australia 

We've added extra layers of breathable mesh padding to our harnesses so they're super comfy on walks and won't over heat your doggo. We love a dog harness on walks as we can easily control our excited pooch. Perfect for all sizes and breeds, the adjustable neck and chest design can be easily slipped over the head and secured neatly around your dogs chest. This allows you to use the harness without fuss for your daily walks and enables control at all times.


Light Blue.

100% Polyester. 

Cold Hand Wash. Line Dry. 

Pair back with the Pale Blue Leather Range.

Heading out for a walk in the heat? We place our dog's harness in cool water before their walk to keep their body heat down.

I like layering a harness under a jumper in winter to give our dog an extra layer of warmth. All of our jumpers come with a harness opening. 


Neck: 29- 36cm
Back: 36- 48cm

Eddie the Chihuahua wears an Extra Small.
Eddie’s measurements:
Weight: 3.5kg
Neck: 25cm
Chest: 34cm
Length: 31cm

Neck: 35- 44cm
Back: 41- 54cm

Pippa the Welsh Terrier wears a small.
Pippa's measurements: 
Weight: 8kg
Neck: 32cm
Chest: 57cm
Back: 40cm

Neck: 39- 51cm
Back: 46- 61cm

Morty the Pug wears a medium.
Morty’s measurements:
Weight: 8.5kg
Neck: 42cm
Chest: 51cm
Back: 35cm

Nala the English Cocker Spaniel wears a medium. 
Weight: 11kg
Neck: 33cm
Chest: 60cm
Back: 43cm

Neck: 42- 56cm
Back: 57- 83cm

Rick the French Bulldog wears a size large.
Rick's measurements:
Weight: 14.5kg 
Neck: 46cm
Chest: 59cm
Back: 47cm


Morty the Pug and Rick the French Bulldog wear Mister Woof's medium and large black dog harnesses.

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