Mister Hound Bed

$200 AUD

Is your dog a burrower? Do they enjoy being buried under layers of fluffy goodness? The Mister Hound Bed is your answer to the perfect snuggle bed. The Mister Hound Bed features a soft, snuggly interior, perfect for any doggo who likes a snooze and keeping cosy.

All of our pillow inserts are made from 100% Australian recycled PET fibre (eco friendly fibre). Designed to compliment any interior, the Hound Bed is available in four sophisticated colours; Charcoal, Stone, Biscuit, and Orchid.

Sneaky Tip:
If your dog is a little shy when it comes to hopping into their Mister Hound Bed, we recommend hiding a few of their favourite treats up the back to entice them to climb in and check it out. We reward good behaviour and lots of snuggling.

Small, Medium & Large

Fabric: 87% Polyester/ 13% Cotton
Fleece: 100% Polyester

Pillow Insert 
Recycled PET Fibre

Gentle machine wash at 30°C

Handcrafted in Australia

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