Felix Harness

$25 AUD $45 AUD

Life is short, make every outfit count.

If you're keen on walkies and have some serious style, look no further than our Felix Harness. This little black and white number has been hand designed in our Melbourne, Australia studio and has enough personality to carry the doggo strutting their stuff. Compliment your harness with one of leashes and layer a cute jumper over the top. You'll have tails wagging and outfit envy at the park in no time. 

We've added extra layers of breathable mesh padding to our harnesses so they're super comfy on walks and won't over heat your doggo. We love a dog harness on walks as we can easily control our excited pooch. Perfect for all sizes and breeds, the adjustable design can be easily slipped over the head and secured neatly around your dogs chest. This allows you to use the harness without fuss for your daily walks and enables you to maintain control at all times.

Summer Time Tip:
Heading out for a walk in the heat? We place our dog's harness in cool water before their walk to keep their body heat down.

Winter Warmer:
I like layering a harness under a jumper in winter to give our dog an extra layer of warmth. 

Why we love our harnesses:
·  Designed in Melbourne, Australia

·  Superior comfort
·  Breathable mesh
·  Soft, padded edges
·  One-clip user friendly design
·  Easy to clean and maintain

100% polyester
Cold hand wash. Line dry
Designed in Melbourne, Australia.
Made in China.

Size Guide

Neck:  31cm | 12¼"  (fits up to) 
Chest:  37 - 52cm | 14½ - 20½"
Size:  Italian Greyhound, Jack Russel, Maltese

Neck:  38cm | 15"  (fits up to)
Chest:  45 - 65cm | 17¾ - 25½"
Size:  French Bulldog, Mini Schnauzer, Whippet

Neck:  45cm | 17¾"  (fits up to)
Chest:  55 - 78cm | 21¾ - 30¾"
Size:  Weimaraner, Labrador, Husky


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