How delightful it is to sit here and write to you, the Woof Pack. Mister Woof has become a huge part of my life over the last year. What began as a simple quest to find a beautiful bed for my new puppy Harper, turned into a great adventure. I began Mister Woof with the focus of keeping our products Australian made and to make only the very best products for your dog and your home. There have been many tears of joy and plenty of struggles in achieving this goal to the high standard that you and your little woofs deserve. So, it is with great excitement that I announce that we have achieved this goal and that Mister Woof’s first collection is now available.

The first collection has been inspired by soft tones and timeless lines, with the aim of letting our products speak to you and your dog’s personality. Our signature pieces, the Mister Woof Bed and Mister Hound Bed are Harper’s favourites, she switches between each bed depending on her current mood: sleepy or snuggly.

The Mister Woof Instagram has been an outlet where I have let my personality come to life. I love having fun with the quirky quotes and giving each dog featured a little personality and voice. The Mister Woof Instagram, Facebook, website and mailing list will continue to be your connection to the Woof Pack, and of course all of our products.

I hope you enjoy exploring the Mister Woof world.

Irene xx