About Us

A B O U T   U S

Meet The Founder

Founder Irene Tobin has a long family history in fashion, ranging extensively from design to manufacturing. Inspired by the sophistication of minimal design, Irene's approach to tailoring and functionality defines Mister Woof's signature style.

Often found amongst Melbourne's cafe culture with a pencil, sketch pad and laptop in hand, Irene oversees all aspects of Mister Woof, ensuring that only the finest and highest quality dog accessories are being produced from around the world.

Our Range

Established in Melbourne, Australia, by a team of designers with experience in fashion, architecture and interior design, Mister Woof was founded upon three fundamental design principles; timeless, classic and sophisticated design.

Our approach to the quality of each and every product led us to search through tanneries from Australia to the United States, factories in China that handcraft the highest quality metals, and fabrics from around the world.

Once we were satisfied that we had found the finest materials and the highest skilled craftsmen, we merged our sophisticated design principles along with exceptional tailoring and functionality, into the finest quality, honestly-priced dog accessories.