Standard Leads
Length: 120cm | 47"
Width: 2.2cm | ⅞" 
Size: Suitable for dogs up to 15kg

Designed for all dog breeds, we created the Standard Lead to be easy to maintain control at all times. The Standard Lead is shorter in length at 120cm long and measures 2.2cm wide. This is a sturdier lead for all dog's up to 15kg.

Skinny Leads

Length: 150cm 
Width: 1.5cm 
Size: Suitable for dogs up to 5kg

The range of Skinny Leads have been designed to be longer and slimmer than the Standard Lead. Let your dog wander out in front or take their time behind you with the Skinny Lead. Measuring 150cm long and 1.5cm wide our Skinny Lead is suitable for smaller dog breeds. We recommend up to 5kg to use this lead.

Poop Bag Holders
Length: 8cm
Width: 4cm
Height: 5cm

Easily accessorise our range of leads with the collection of Poop Bag Holders. The Poop Bag Holders have been designed to be large enough to hold a roll of poop bags, keys and treats but small enough to sleekly sit on the lead. 

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